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“I was impressed with the evidence given on behalf of St Edmonds by Mark Alexander, hydraulic and fire protection engineer”
– Senior Member Russell Byard of Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Alexander & Associates provides expert witness services to the legal industry, property owners, authorities, regulators and insurers.

Our experience at being able to work through complex issues by implementing detailed investigation methods ensures that our client’s best interests are maintained. This, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the various regulatory frameworks that encompass the construction & engineering industry assist in establishing the contributing factors surrounding the circumstance.

We have extensive experience working with many of Australia’s larger legal firms on major litigation cases that involve a magnitude of claims including extensive expert evidence, background evidence and counter claims.

On many occasions, our services are sought to avert extended litigation by establishing and resolving problems early thus minimising potential losses and liquidated damages.

Alexander & Associates is also used by a number of Australia’s largest builder / developers to mediate disputes by providing expert opinions on a completely impartial basis. On many occasions our clients or the assigned projects are based interstate. Alexander & Associates provide services in all states of Australia.


  • Roof & Stormwater Drainage Networks
  • Complex Plumbing Systems
  • Fire Services (Wet)
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Gas Reticulation Networks
  • Pools & Water Features
  • Environmental Plumbing Systems
  • Polymer piping network failure investigations
  • Copper corrosion investigations
  • Building Flooding, podium and balcony leak investigation

Mark Alexander is Chairman of the AHSCA Research Foundation Limited.

The Foundation delivers world class research initiatives to the industry.
For more information about the AHSCA Research foundation,