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Some of our Expert Witness & Forensic Investigation engagements include:

Austin Hospital (Hot Water Piping Failure, Sanitary Plumbing)
Residential Tower, Hallmark Apartments, Melbourne (Various)
Mercy Hospital (Hot Water Piping Failure)
Bayview Apartments, Port Melbourne (Various)
RMIT Student Accomodation (Water Authority Dispute)
Crown Casino Metropol Hotel, (Hot Water Piping Failure)
Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide (Hot Water Piping Failure)
Residential Tower, 155 Macquarie Street Sydney (Flooding)
YVE Apartments Melbourne (Various)
Melbourne Central Tower (Flooding)
Boyd & Palladio Towers (Sanitary Plumbing & Sewer Drainage)
Seven Apartment Building, Forster NSW (Spa Entrapment)
Monash University (Water Authority Dispute)
Epworth Freemasons Hospital (Piping Failure)
Wellington Regional Hospital, New Zealand (Piping Failure)
Shopping Centre and Tower, 100 St. Georges Terrace, Perth (Sanitary Plumbing surcharges)
Melbourne Girls Grammar, Wildfell Building (Stormwater entry)
Melbourne Girls Grammar, Morris Hall (Stormwater entry)
Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne (Hot Water Piping Failure)
Alluvion, Mounts Bay Road, Perth (Piping Failure)
Southern Cross Station, Melbourne (Storm Damage)
Residential Tower, 100 Harbour Side Promenade, Melbourne (Hot Water Plant piping failure)
Westpoint Shopping Centre (Various)
Neo Apartments, 200 Spencer Street, Melbourne
ANZAC House, 4 Collins Street, Melbourne (Sanitary Plumbing Failure)
Coles Port Macquarrie, NSW (Roofing)
Coles Lilydale, VIC (Roofing)
Coles Kincumber, NSW (Roofing)
Coles Tarneit, VIC (Roofing)
Coles Taylors Hill, VIC (Roofing)
Coles Burwood, VIC (Roofing)
Coles Showgrounds, Ascot Vale, VIC (Roofing)


Alexander & Associates was formed in 1994 by Mark Alexander. The early years of the organisation attracted large retail customers and appointments from Lend Lease for Chirnside Park Shopping Centre in Victoria and an appointment from Westfield for Southland Shopping Centre (Contract Administration) that instigated a period of rapid growth.

At that time design and documentation technology was also developing and the change over from “ink pen drawings” to AutoCAD complimented the company’s desire to excel in detailed design and documentation. AutoCAD provided a tool to develop high level, fully coordinated designs which suited the company well. The exceptional design standards achieved by Alexander & Associates became the industry benchmark that many organisations still aspire to achieve.

In the same year, Mark Alexander was elected to his first term as President of the Victorian Chapter of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants (AHSCA). This was a position held by Mark many times over the proceeding 18 years and as recently as 2012, Mark was again elected to the position of President by the members of the AHSCA (Vic).

During this period of time Mark also held positions of National President and also National Director.

In these various roles, Mark has been at the forefront of industry technology, regulatory developments and also represented the industry at many state and national forums.

After successfully completing major projects for Westfield and Lend Lease, further appointments followed. Projects varied in size, type and location. Project types varied from dairies in South Australia to the Base Hospital in Mildura, residential towers in Bangkok, laboratories and just about every type of commercial and institutional building including the Australian Synchrotron (see below).

As the company’s reputation permeated through the industry, more and more clients were requesting expert reports where there were concerns with other engineer’s designs or issues related to construction of the same. Soon legal firms were also offering expert appointments to Alexander & Associates. For some years the company juggled expert witness appointments with engineering appointments however, in 2008 Mark Alexander decided to close the engineering side of the Alexander & Associates to concentrate on expert witness appointments.

Australian Synchrotron, responsible for engineering services : roof drainage, storm water, fire services, domestic hot & cold services, laboratory trade wastes and treatment.

Convesso Concavo Retail & Residential Towers Docklands Victoria (Lend Lease), responsible for  engineering services of automatic fire sprinklers, fire hydrant service, domestic hot & cold water services, sanitary plumbing & drainage, trade wastes, water treatment plant for swimming pools.

The Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, responsible for engineering of sanitary plumbing & drainage, domestic hot & cold water services, sanitary plumbing & drainage, stormwater and roof drainage.

University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law, responsible for engineering of roof drainage, stormwater drainage, sanitary plumbing & drainage, domestic hot & cold water services.

Electron Microscope Facility, Monash University, responsible for engineering of trade waste drainage & treatment, roof drainage & stormwater, domestic hot & cold water services, fire services.